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Join our growing member community at The Fit Club, Gym and Wellness Center in Puerto Vallarta and reach for your maximum potential and overall wellbeing through our standards of excellence.

We have several flexible gym memberships to accommodate your health and lifestyle needs. You can choose any one of our packages below or visit our gym and wellness center located in the heart of Puerto Vallarta to talk to one of our certified instructors.

This membership includes unrestricted access to training facilities during regular service hours; lockers, bathrooms, showers, training assistance from the floor instructor and a variety of classes to choose from.

Student packages include unlimited access from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm the use of training facilities, lockers, restrooms, showers, training assistance from our certified instructors.

This pass is valid for a single day. The pass is perfect for short visits to Puerto Vallarta and a perfect way to check out our facilities and see for yourself what all the hype is about.

The week pass is what you need to keep your training on track while in Puerto Vallarta. Now there is nothing to prevent you from staying trim, even while on vacation. This pass includes unlimited access to The Fit Club’s facilities during regular hours, use of lockers, restrooms, showers, group classes and tips from our certified instructors.

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If you’re only in Puerto Vallarta for a limited time, then a Visitor’s Pass is for you. It includes everything a membership does; the only difference being is that a Visitor’s Pass is valid for a single day only. You can buy them in the following quantities:

If you’re on Vacation in Puerto Vallarta or live in the city and enjoy an active lifestyle, the day pass is ideal: you’ll have access to everything a full–time member does, as well as whatever classes are available on the day and time of your visit. Check our fitness schedule to learn more about The Fit Club´s wide variety of aerobics and other group classes.

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The Fit Club (Gym and Wellness Center) in Puerto Vallarta is waiting for you. Ask about our prices and promotions.

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